There has been a great deal of conversation recently about grain-free dog food.

Specifically, a recent study has alleged that canines may develop heart issues resulting from grain-free diets.

The FDA has initiated a comprehensive study of the issue and has provided a 23 question and answer paper regarding existing knowns:

Per the FDA “to put this into proper context, there are 77 million pet dogs in the US. The FDA has received reports of about 325 dogs diagnosed with DCM that may be linked to diet.” The 325 dogs were reported to the FDA over a 4 year period.
The study includes virtually all types of pet food. FDA quotes that it involves “both grain-free and grain-containing diets in all forms (kibble, canned, raw, home cooked).”
Per the FDA “at this time, it is not clear what it is about these diets that may be connected to DCM (heart disease) in dogs. Taurine deficiency is well-documented as a potential cause of DCM, but it is not the only cause of DCM.”
Per the FDA “the investigation has not yet identified a root cause for the reports of DCM.”
At this time per the FDA “we are not advising dietary changes based solely on the information we have gathered so far.”
It is our opinion that anyone making a blanket statement that you should not feed your pet grain-free food is uninformed.

The FDA suggests in numerous places that the consumer contact their veterinarian for questions regarding your dog’s nutrition. In a general sense, i.e. prescription food for specific ailments kidney, heart, digestive issues etc. this is obviously a necessary approach. However, regarding pet nutrition, we caution that you accept food recommendations from credible sources.

It is often the case that those making the nutritional recommendation have an interest in selling competing products. One glaring example is a giant corporate owned vet clinic that is itself owned by a candy bar company which owns several brands of sub-par dog and cat foods.

It is ironic that this seller of junk, low-grade pet food products lectures pet owners to “stay away from grain free food.”

We have been advocating for high quality dog and cat foods both grain-free and grain-containing for 13 years. We have sold large amounts of these items to a wide spectrum of satisfied pet owners. We have not witnessed any credible issues, heart or otherwise resulting from the sale of any our products.

Please understand, we are not fool-proof and we can make mistakes as easily as the next company. We are very careful to never bring in a product that would be unhealthy or harmful to your pet.

Thank you so much for being loyal customers and remember our motto “Dogs, that’s what we do”

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