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growling at people or dogs, biting
Select which class you are requesting. You will be contacted at the phone number supplied for payment on the following business day. If a class is not listed, it is filled to capacity.
A 72 hour notice, prior to class starting date must be given to receive a full refund. Cancelling after 72 hours of sign-up will be subject to a $10 cancellation fee. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN ONCE CLASS IS STARTED.
I agree to the below Waiver & Assumption of Risk Policy. Class reservations cannot be made without acceptance of the Waiver and Assumption of Risk Policy. Children may be class participants. However, the child must be at least 14 years old, physically able to control the dog, accompanied by an adult at all times and not leave the child unattended at any time. I understand these rules are for the safety of all person(s) and/or dogs that are in attendance at Pets West Aledo Training Center. In signing the Waivers and Assumption of Risk, I am accepting ALL responsibility for any and all actions by me, my dog, and any family members and/or guests, that may result in injury to any persons and/or dogs and/or property while at Pets West Aledo Training Center. I also agree to indemnity and hold family or guests who may accompany me, for injury to said persons and/or dogs, and/or property. We welcome family members who are interested in observing the training classes. However, if the members are your children, it is necessary that they remain in the training waiting area. We cannot have children wandering through the retail area. I also agree to any other rules that may be brought to my attention either in writing or verbally by Pets West Aledo or its' agents. I ALSO VERIFY THAT THE ABOVE NAMED DOG IS UP TO DATE ON ALL VACCINATIONS, INCLUDING RABIES. I WILL, UPON REQUEST, PROVIDE PETS WEST ALEDO WITH A CURRENT RABIES CERTIFICATE.
Pets West Aledo reserves the right to video or photograph training classes for the purpose of but not limited to Social Media, Training Examples, In-Store Visuals, Company Website and/or In-Store Displays. I also understand that it is my responsibility to opt-out of said photography through communication with management, staff or instructors.
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